Upcoming 2016 Events

Berlin Festival July 2016

The ciné concert “Paper Music” is the result of the long-standing collaboration between William Kentridge and Philip Miller, who composed the scores for many of Kentridge’s films, including “Refuse the Hour” and the installation “The Refusal of Time”. The world premiere of “Paper Music” took place in a medieval Florentine courtyard; in Berlin, it will be presented in the atrium of Martin-Gropius-Bau. The piece is a witty, caustic, quietly subversive song cycle which unites animation films based on Kentridge’s charcoal or ink drawings with a live performance by singers Ann Masina and Joanna Dudley and pianist Vincenzo Pasquariello.

Refuse the Hour

Refuse the Hour” is a multimedia stage performance with elements of dance, drama, live music, and kinetic sculpture and animation films. Following a conversation with the American physicist Peter Galion about black holes and theories of time, William Kentridge, together with Galison, composer Philip Miller, choreographer Dada Masilo and video editor Catherine Meyburgh, went on to develop a performance about philosophical and political dimensions of time, featuring musicians, singers and a dancer. “Refuse the Hour” is a staged continuation of Kentridge’s Dokumenta-installation “The Refusal of Time”, which can be viewed at Martin-Gropius-Bau at the same time.

48th Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music August 2016

Philip Miller is a contributing composer for the 2016 Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music. He is producing a new work as part of a project commemorating 70 years of the courses.  The name of Darmstadt is associated with virtually all significant figures in contemporary music after 1945, as well as the aesthetic debates and sometimes vehement controversies about the present and future of composition.

London September/October 2016

  • Retrospective of William Kentridge’s work at the Whitechapel Gallery which includes the collaborations of Philip Miller’s compositions.
  • Performances of Paper Music at the Print Room

All in association with Marian Goodman Galleries.