Financial Times: by Jane Ure-Smith

“Magic Out of Mayhem” William Kentridge with "Construction for Return", 2008
“William Kentridge? The man’s a magician,” remarks a friend when I tell him I plan to interview the South African artist. And, indeed, when we meet at Marian Goodman’s Paris gallery, Kentridge the conjuror is much in evidence – deconstructing and reconstructing objects at will. In a room of apparently abstract sculptures, he directs me to certain spots to witness small miracles taking place. Viewed from a particular angle, what looks like a tangle of wire and scraps of steel suddenly becomes … a sphinx, a coffee pot, a skinny cat with its fur standing on end. “These are 3-D pieces that only make sense in two dimensions,” explains Kentridge. “It’s the opposite of what you expect of sculpture.”