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Shona Malanga

  • 1. Ha Tsatsi Le Tshaba
  • 2. Nelson Mandela
  • 3. Hamba Kahle Umkhonto
  • 4. Sobashiya Abazili Ekhaya
  • 5. Seteng Sediba Sa Mada
  • 6. Lizalis'idinga Lakho
  • 7. Korosetina
  • 8. Patrick's Theme (Catch A Fire)
  • 9. Thina Sizwe.
  • 10. Shona Malanga
  • 11. Shosoloza
  • 12. The Blue Crane
  • 13. Senzeni Na
  • 14. Nelson Mandela (Instrumental Mix)
  • 15. Shosoloza (Instrumental Mix)

'Shona Malanga' was carefully recorded over a twelve month period featuring a host of talented vocalists and instrumentalists contributing to the albums atmospheric and indigenous flourishes. Traditional songs such as 'Shosholoza,' 'Hamba Kahle,' and 'Lizalis' idinga lakho,' are masterfully recreated. Miller also includes two tracks: 'Patrick's Theme,' and 'Blue Crane,' featuring the beautiful voice of Shangaan vocalist, Sun Glen. Both tracks stem from his work on Philip Noyce's 2006 feature film 'Catch a Fire,'. The track 'Nelson Mandela,' is particularly poignant on the album as it epitomizes the joy, excitement and liberation that many people felt representing a voice for a new future. The concept for 'Shona Malanga' has been with Philip since his youth. Miller explains: ''I have always had a soundtrack running inside my head. When I was growing up there was another soundtrack that was playing in my country. It was the sounds of toy- toying, of gunshots and of course, song. I had shut my ears to all these sounds.''